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Group Introduction


Supon group, founded in 2001, originated in Shenzhen, deeply cultivated in the bay area and radiated throughout the country. Supon, which is in the stage of rapid development, has 16 evaluation branches, 5 professional service companies and more than 300 professional technical teams.


Over the past 20 years, it has always focused on the development needs of urban development, land reform and industrial upgrading, continuously consolidated its professional ability, pioneered a diversified and all-round urban development value service ecosystem, adhered to the development path of refinement and specialization, became a model and benchmark of multi-disciplinary, cross domain and resource intensive consultants, and won good honors and extensive praise from customers.


Supon is committed to the service concept of "professionalism, service, pragmatism and innovation", takes "creating unlimited value" as the mission and economic benefits as the balance point to provide customers with value solutions.


We are not only an "expert in solving urban development problems", but also have developed into a "one-stop comprehensive service platform for urban development"



  • 2001Value assessment

    Value appraisal consultation

    Cooperate with financial institutions (banks, funds, trusts, securities, etc.) to provide valuation services and data services for loan enterprises

  • 2005Land preparation

    Land preparation services

    From the aspects of procedure, management and process, we can explore in many aspects and carry out multi-directional services

  • 2007Expropriation and demolition

    Land preparation services

    From project initiation, scheme preparation, ownership verification to demolition negotiation, agreement signing and file management, carry out the whole process service of expropriation and demolition

  • 2009Urban renewal

    Urban Renewal Service

    Carry out whole process consulting services and investment and financing tax financing consulting services from project evaluation, plan initiation, special planning to land contract signing

  • 2015Industry consultation

    Industrial consulting services

    In line with the business needs of urban renewal and land preparation, establish an industrial platform and carry out industrial consulting services

  • 2018Shed Reform Consultation

    Shed renovation consulting services

    With the three core competencies of "professional team + demolition experience + scientific and technological empowerment", the whole process consulting service is carried out for the main body of shed reform

  • 2019Technology services

    Technology services

    Create a smart technology service platform and adopt the service mode of "specialty + technology" to help urban development

  • 2020Supon platform

    Platform deepening

    Linkage of six professional service capabilities to consolidate the one-stop comprehensive service platform for urban development

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