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Forty years in Shenzhen and twenty years in Shipeng.

Shenzhen created supon and supon witnessed Shenzhen.

With the progress of reform, opening up and urbanization in Shenzhen Special Zone, Shipeng started from land, real estate and asset evaluation. After 20 years of forge ahead, it has developed into a one-stop comprehensive service platform for urban development integrating six plates: value evaluation, renewal and servicing, shed reform consulting, industrial consulting, industry City Investment and financing, and smart technology. With the professional, service, pragmatic and innovative service concept and the mission of creating unlimited value, we have widely served governments at all levels, village collective joint-stock companies, real estate enterprises, high-tech enterprises and banking and financial institutions, achieved fruitful results and created great value, won extensive praise and respect in the industry, and contributed to the development of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, Give me a hand.


After 20 years, Shipeng is professional, responsible, young and energetic. In Shenzhen, a hot land at the forefront of national land reform, we have accumulated rich experience, served thousands of customers and created unlimited value. In the process of urbanization, we think about what the government thinks and what the enterprises think. We are down-to-earth and farsighted. We are professional first and explore and innovate. The service field and service radius are continuously extended, focusing on the bay area from Shenzhen to the whole country.


As the founder, I love this land and this career. In the future journey, supon will not forget its original intention, live up to its mission, deeply cultivate the industry and become professional and strong.

This is the best time. Supon people will write beautiful chapters.

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